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What is Quasar?

Running analytics on NoSQL data can be slow, inefficient and cumbersome.

Quasar is the leading analytical interface to multi-structured data
and the only general-purpose NoSQL analytics system in existence.

Run SQL-based analytics on unstructured data.

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Speed up your workflow.
One line of SQL can save you 20-30 lines of code on average.

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Why Quasar?

Quasar is the only NoSQL analytics system that satisfies all 8 essential characteristics. Read more

Fast Optimization Cross Compiler.

The fast cross-compiler can push down analytics to highly irregular targets like APIs and noSQL query languages.

With Quasar's flexible plugin-based architecture, it's easy to add new sources of data e.g. databases, data warehouses, cloud APIs, etc.

Move the computation to the data.

  • No setup, ETL or data normalization
  • Natively exposes rich, nested post-relational data models.
  • Don't lose information by transforming data into flat tables.

Use next-gen business intelligence tools.

Quasar is designed to power next-gen analytics, visualization, and reporting solutions that understand today's rich data models.

SlamData is an open source tool that natively supports Quasar, allowing non-technical people to see and understand their NoSQL data.


Quasar powers the future of NoSQL Analytics.

SlamData - Native Visual Analytics for NoSQL
BI Connector for MongoDB


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